The Wanderers Showcase 2024

Embracing the Journey: Explorations of Emerging Thai Artists

Two years into the journey of BlobBoy, and I’m thrilled to share some exciting news! The Xspace Gallery in Bangkok has offered BlobBoy a fantastic opportunity to curate a group exhibition, and it’s the first time BlobBoy will be in the spotlight.

This special showcase, named “The Wanderer Showcase 2024,” is currently ongoing at the mini Xspace Gallery in the Prakanong district of Bangkok. Featuring the works of eight talented artists – BlobBoy, Bannana manz, KraChok, Meanlee, PSP.27, Peace, SANDIER, and 0ne – this exhibition is a testament to the creative partnership between these emerging Thai artists and Xspace Gallery.

Running from January 20 to March 30, 2024, the exhibition welcomes visitors every day from 10 am to 5 pm, except on Sundays. “The Wanderer Showcase 2024” stands as a unique canvas for fresh beginnings and artistic exploration in the new year.

Thanks to the vision and support of Xspace Gallery, this exhibition encapsulates the spirit of these emerging talents’ aspirations, marking a promising start to 2024. Visitors are invited to wander through the imaginative landscapes of these artists, gaining insights into their dreams and aspirations—all made tangible through the collaborative effort of the artists and the nurturing platform provided by Xspace Gallery. Don’t miss the chance to explore the creative world these artists have crafted!