The Shuffle

“Shut up and hit that playlist!”

Art and Music in Harmony: BlobBoy’s Journey at Street Star Gallery, Bangkok

April 6-28, 2024

Enter Street Star Gallery Bangkok, where creativity flourishes and art sings with color. Among the talented artists featured in the innovative exhibition, “The Shuffle,” is BlobBoy. Known for his playful artwork, BlobBoy joins a group of artists curated by Street Star Gallery to explore how music inspires their art.

In “The Shuffle,” visitors experience the connection between music and visual art. BlobBoy’s corner showcases his vibrant paintings, each stroke dancing to the rhythm of his favorite tunes. His art invites viewers to feel the music as they see his colorful creations.

BlobBoy is joined by other artists like Bannana Manz, Sandier, FatMike, PSP.27, and One. Each brings a unique style inspired by different musical genres. Together, they create a diverse and immersive experience for visitors.

“The Shuffle” is a celebration of creativity where art and music blend seamlessly. BlobBoy’s artwork adds a touch of whimsy to the exhibition, inviting visitors to explore the harmonious relationship between sound and visual expression, all curated by Street Star Gallery.

Street Star Gallery, Bangkok